Holy November!

Who said the market was down and out???  According to this article, November was a great month of getting homes under contract.  In fact, it was the highest it has been in over a year. 

Here's to putting a lot of homes under contract in 2012!


Twenty Eleven - The Year of Pricey Home Sales!

While browsing on Yahoo, I came across this article about the priciest home sales in 2011.

Which one is your favorite???  Mine is most definitely, #9.  It just looks so enchanting and luxurious!

Here's to one day living there!  (A girl can dream) :)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Besides my birthday, Christmas is my favorite day of the year.  I get to spend it with all of the people I love.  I love seeing their faces when they tear open those presents.  Most of the time, presents they already knew they were getting! For the first time in years, I had my Christmas shopping complete 
except for the good ol' bossman of mine. 

What to buy the man that has everything a.k.a. Zachary???  Who knew buying a Christmas gift could be so hard.  I asked several people in the office what they thought I should buy him.  Some said bake him a cake.  Some said buy him something nice.  I wanted to do both!  But, the only thing I heard him talk about is an iPad case from J Crew.  So when it came down to it, I decided I would bake him a homemade red velvet cake and get him the iPad case.  Easy enough right?!? WRONG! 

After that, there were two major problems: (1) The iPad case he wanted was not available in any NC stores and, (2) The cake layers stuck to the pans.  Could it get any worse.  With no time to make another cake and no time to wait on a shipment, I had to be clever!  I made the cake look as decent as possible.  And I got him a giftcard to J.Crew so he could get the case himself.  Funny Side note, on the Friday before I was planning to give it to him, he was talking about someone else and mentioned that he HATES giftcards. (OH SH*T) I know my face was priceless.

In the end he loved them both, or so it seemed!  I think anything from the heart will always be appreciated and loved.  Below is a picture of the finished product! (A hott mess I know)

Here's to a Merry Christmas to all!!!!


Top Producing

Last week we had a huge Top Producer Training in the office.  It was amazing to see the turn out of agents.  That's one thing I can say about my co-workers, they are very driven individuals.  They all want "to cap"!  I would say that the training was very successful.  I think everyone learned a lot and are eager to get started.  I would be willing to bet that each agent's business will increase dramatically from using Top Producer consistently. 

If you are a new agent or an experienced agent, I would strongly suggest using Top Producer has your contact management company.  It is great.  It keeps you on top of all of your activities and it also gives you the freedom to create your own listing and closing plans. 

Here's to Zach hitting 10 million next year with the help of Top Producer!


Twenty Twelve

With the year of 2011 coming to an end, I have started pondering on what my personal and work goals will be for the year to come.  I have written them down and I am putting them on here so that this time next year we can see how well I did!

The List from Kevin looked like this...

What is a Key Outcome for each area in 2012:

(1) Significant Other: N/A [Nam feels it should be "Find One" - I slightly agree with him]

(2) Family:  Build better, stronger realtionships with family members.

(3) Physical:  Start working out at least 3 times a week.

(4) Social Life:  Continue my "Girls Night/Supper Club" twice a month.

(5) Education:  Devote more time to Grad School.  And use my time wisely and productively. 

(6) Recreation: BLANK

(7) Financial:  Continue on my strict budget and save as much as possible.

(8) Spiritual:  Start attending Hope Community Church.  Afterall it is a 10 minute walk from my house.

I think it is very important to have goals...what else keeps you in line?  I also think it is important to surround yourself with people who are going to support you and your goals. 

Here's to being better in 2012!


Taking a Bite Out of the Apple!

So as you already know, Zach was kind enough to buy me the new iPhone 4S.  It came in the mail yesterday and I really don't even know what to do with myself.  I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  I am so used to my crackberry but I am so anxious to learn all about my new iPhone. 

The phone itself is like a work of art.  Truly BEAUTIFUL!  I can't even describe it.  Just look at the difference.  The blackberry has nothing on it!  My first bite of the apple has me wanting more! :)

I am really just so lucky!

Here's to my next bite...the iPad!


Rushing to the Summit!

By now, I think we all can agree that I work at one of the coolest places on earth.  Between the people, the technology, etc.  It really just doesn't feel like work.  Well, Friday it got even cooler!

Go Realty prides itself on technology advancement and Friday we shared our enthusiasm and knowledge with others.  The Great Minds of Jim Garman and Kevin Woody got a brillant idea of holding an iPad Summit for anyone and everyone.  Even those like me that don't own an iPad. 

We had a few Sherpas come and share their knowledge and tricks.  It was an amazing event and I learned so much.  We had around 60 people come from Go and other real estate companies. 

Things like this are why I love Go Realty.  We love learning from each other.  Once I get my iPad, I will be one high tech nerd!  You won't be able to tell me anything!  :)

And if you were unable to make it, subscribe to the iPad Summit blog.  It will be updated with information from the Summit as well as other tips and tricks. 

Here's to sharing knowledge and having fun!


Angel Appreciation

Zach has decided to do his own version of Go90X in the month of December.  What is Go90X you ask?!!?  It is Go real estate version of P90X.  Unknown to me, the first day of Go90X is "Angel Appreciation."  So how did Zach show his appreciation for me???  Let me tell you the cute funny story!

Last Tuesday night he texted me saying that he wanted to get Special Agent Lisa a gift for her hard work.  I got excited because I LOVE giving gifts.  He asked me what I thought we could get her.  He followed that with "I know she has a sick addiction to handbags, but I can't do that!"  I said well, she has been talking about getting a new iPhone case.  His response was simply a smiley face. 

The next day he asked me if I wanted to go with him to get the gift.  I said "Yeah."  What girl doesn't love to shop! We head to Southpoint for lunch and a little gift shopping.  We grub a little and head to the Apple Store.  For some reason, Zach was persistent on talking to someone in the Business Department.  I wasn't really that sure why he wanted to talk to someone for an iPhone Case but I said to myself "Hey if you can save 5 or 10%, why not!"  THEN...I heard those FABULOUS words "Today we are getting Candace an iPhone."  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been FOUR days and I am still cheesing!  I can't wait to use Siri!

While everyone always jokes about everything that I do for Zach and how lucky he is to have me, I think I am the lucky one.  I couldn't ask for a better person to work for.  He truly is the best!

Here's to topping that for Boss Appreciation!  At least I will try!


Happy December!

I have slacked a little and haven't written a new post in a couple of weeks.  Since it is the 1st of December, I thought I would relate this post to the holiday season.

25 Reason Why I Love Go Realty 

1. The furniture and design are so cool.

2. Everyone is free to be themselves.

3. There is NO dress code.

4. Uncle Jimmy is so anal.  I Love It!

5. Knowtorious D.A.D. is so nice.

6. Christine is quite possibly the best stripper I have ever seen!

7. The office is located right next to Starbucks!!

8. We believe in each other.

9. We believe in our clients.

10. Go Gives Back.

11. The look on people's faces when they walk-in thinking its Starbucks.

12.  I get to people watch through the large windows.

13.  I get to yell "Happy Birthday" everytime someone walks in the door.

14. We have a 70 inch iPad a.k.a TV.

15. Zach Schabot, period.

16. We share an office with the cool Garman Homes folks.

17. We believe in being better.

18. We all are positive and happy.

19. No one has their own office.  We sit together, we learn together, we grow together.

20. We listen to Pandora all day.

21.  I get to sing all day - I still can't believe they put up with it!

22. We have Zumba classes. :)

23. We had a "Go Reality Show."

24. Happy Hour is always a blast!

25. We have the best angels around, Lisa, Kristi, and Jenn [bad angel].

Here's to a great working environment and the best coworkers around!


Weekly Recap on 11-11-11!

This week we started our new tricks on Tour Factory and started our Craigslist routine.  I feel really good about them; I think they will have positive results!

We had two scheduled closings.  One of them closed today.  And, we got a great compliment at the closing table.  The buyer of our listing told Zach that he loved our property website.  He said that it was the coolest he had ever seen [cooler than his agents]! How awesome is that?!?!  Check it out: I secretly wished it was one that I developed but, it was one of Zach's! :)  The other closing that was scheduled for this week got pushed back [again].  It is now set to close on Tuesday.  Let's cross our fingers. 

Zach and I got some great news this afternoon!  The agent that showed our property at 1000 Red Deer is submitting an offer! WOOO! We are super excited.  This offer is special because the day that we lowered the price, this agent scheduled a showing.  Not to say that it will always happen like that but it's awesome that it did!!  That news just made the weekend for a sweet family.  It made the weekend for Zach and I as well! 

We also had a listing go live today.  It is such a cute house!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

My goal for next week is to find even more creative ways to get our listings SOLD.  Which means we need to find ways to get more traffic.  I know the Tour Factory and Craigslist tricks will help but "you can always do more."

Here's to lots of showings this weekend and maybe, just maybe, some offers!  And Happy Veteran's Day!

My Brother [bottom center] in Afghanistan on his 2nd tour.


Picture Perfect!

When we send Bobbie in to stage a home, she is staging for pictures.  The goal is to make the home look so good in photographs that people "HAVE TO SEE THAT HOUSE."  After staging comes the pictures! Here are a few tips to getting the best pictures ever!

1. Make sure all your personal items are off the bathroom counters and in the bathtub.  Simply, tuck them away under the sink!

2. Make sure the kitchen coutners are cleared.  Like above, tuck the items away to make the coutners look larger. 

3. Make sure your toilet lids are DOWN.  There is nothing worse than a picture that shows the inside of a toilet.  It is just an ugly site. 

4. Make sure all your blinds are open and all lights are on.  A key is to make the home look bright!

5. Make sure there aren't any vehicles in the drive way or on the curb closest to the home.  You don't want people admiring your car, you want them to admire your home!

6. Make sure your home is clean! Kind of obvious but a must!

7. Make sure all animal items are tucked away.

                          Not a Good Look!



Weekly Recap!

So this week was great for Zach and I!  We had two closings!  YAY!  One was so refreshing because it is the couple that we listed their townhome and had everything go wrong that possibly could.  They are so excited about their new Garman home!  Kim was so cute because she basically chronicled the journey of building their home.  I thought it was such a cute idea which got my juices flowing about what Zach and I can do for our buyers.  We can make them a tiny scrapbook that outlines their journey of finding a home.  From the first meeting, to signing the contract, to getting the keys.  I think it would be a sweet little gift.  Something they can always look back at, especially for the first time home buyers.

Speaking of first time home buyers.  We also got a new buyer this week.  He just happens to be a friend of mine, Jared.  This is really exciting to me because he is my friend and I love helping people.  Nothing better than helping a friend find a house. 

This week I have really focused on getting more showings on our listings.  I have been working on putting our listings on Craigslist more consistently.  I am also going to be using more tricks on Tour Factory to get more showings, thanks to Kyle Ketchel. 

We have a few other deals coming up to work on so for now, I am signing off!

Here's to a great weekend everyone!  GO TARHEELS!!


How do you prep for a first date?

This week at the Go Show one of our Rockstar agents, Christine Danko, gave an amazing presentation on staging.  She compared staging to dating.  Genius, right?!?!  So I am stealing her idea and using it here for my blog.  It's just that great, I have to share it!

So on a first date, would you dress like this? Sweat pants [with paint stains] and baseball cap?? The answer should be NO!

  (1) Make sure you hide your perscription drugs and alcohol!

(2) You should make sure your roof is in tip top shape!  [Remove the baseball cap & insert hair bow]

(3) Your walls should be neutral colors.  [Remove plaid shirt]

(4) You should also make sure that your carpets are cleaned or replaced! [Remove sweat pants and tennis shoes]

TA! DA!  That girl looks ready for a first date!!!!  It is really that simple.  You should present your home to the open market like you would present yourself on a first date.  You want only winners, right?!?!

 Here's to dating Christine, I won't tell your husband! lol


Weekly Report

I don't know ahout you, but this week has FLOWN by! 

I have decided to add a "Weekly Report" post to my blog.  This post will update you on everything from Go Realty to Interest Rates. 

So for Zach and I this week, we had 3 closing scheduled and only 1 closed.  I have to say I am not surprised!  What caused the delay?? Well one had to do with documents not arriving in a timely manner [on the buyer's side].  The other had to do with a hold up in the loan process.  The two that did not close got pushed back until next week, which means we will have 3 next week.  Busy, busy week for us next week!  We also got a new listing.  It is a great home and I can't wait to show everyone.

For Go Realty, we had two new agents start this week.  SO EXCITING!    We also announced where the new Go Realty office will be.  It is going to be in Holly Springs at the South Park Shopping Center.  It is in walking distance to a Chik-fil-a and an ABC store!  Sounds perfect, right?!?! :)

On a personal note, my big brother is home from Afghanistan and will be flying in to NC tomorrow afternoon.  He also will be receiving a Purple Heart this morning.  I am such a proud sister!

Here's to a great/busy next week!


Google Docs vs. DropBox

One of my first tasks as Zach's Angel was to download Dropbox to my phone and my computer.  When I was given this task I asked, to myself of course, "What the heck is DropBox?"  I quicky learned that it was a magic box.  A magic box that holds all of your documents so they aren't taking up your computers memory.  I was immediately a fan!  You can open your DropBox from any computer, in any state, at any time.  You can also share files with anyone that has dropbox.  It's truly amazing!

Four months later, Zach and I are developing a transaction sheet and he suggests using Google Docs.  I was skeptical/biased because I was die hard Dropbox.  I mean Dropbox is amazing.  But after getting in Google Docs and playing around, I realized that it has benefits too!  For our transaction sheets, Google Docs is perfect.  It allows us to create and edit documents.  It also allows whoever you share it with to edit the document as well. 

Both have their advantages, and both are FREE!!! But if I was going to be stranded on an island, I would choose my DropBox, for sure!

Haven't tried DropBox?!? Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

Here's to getting more free space on DropBox! :)


Friday I attended Rebar Camp for the first time.  It was held at the Capital City Club in downtown Raleigh [very nice]!  I left inspired and energized!  I learned so much about blogging, twitter, building your website, etc.  It inspired me to become more tech savvy.  I was inspired to make my blog better, to make it more meaningful and more focused.  Instead of blogging about everything, it is going to be more centralized.  I have started tweaking things.  You may have noticed that I have added tabs up top.  They are going to focus on Buyers and Sellers.  I have also added a tab today that is about me.  About what I offer clients as Zach's assistant.  I really want my blog to have a purpose.  So.....

Here's to a fabulous blog! 


Biggest Rockstar

Obviously, my goal to blog everyday has been shot to hell.  Why?  I am just too busy to do it.  Between work, school, and attempting to have a personal life.  There just seems to be no time.  

But I wanted to tell you about this challenge a group of us have started.  We are doing our own take on The Biggest Loser!  It is called The Biggest Rockstar.  The contest began 10/18 and continues until 02/14.   Each week we pay $5.  The person that has the greatest percentage lost wins.  There are 11 of us so I could win almost $900.  I am very determined to win.  And even if I don't, I will at least have gotten into a routine and will hopefully continue you that even after 02/14.  

My goal is to lose around 10%.  Here's to losing weight and becoming healthier! WOOOO :)


One Stage At a Time!

One of the many benefits to using Go Realty is free staging.  This morning I had a meeting with Bobbie, our stagger, at one of our new listings.  This happens to be my favorite part of the listing process.  In this little two hour time frame, sometimes as long as four, I get so much accomplished. 

(1) I get to meet the homeowner(s).

(2) I get to view the home.

(3) I get to help with the staging process which is SO much fun.  Its basically decorating!!

(4) I get great ideas for my blogs. 

If you are looking to sell your home, first you need to call Zach!  Second, you need to have a stagger come in,.  And, I would HIGHLY recommend Bobbie McGrath with Successful Staging.  Staging can add so much value to your house, generally, using stuff you already have just in a new location.  Staging makes your home look AMAZING and also makes the photos that much better. 


Not Starting off good...

So the goal I had to blog everyday for 2 months started off bad because I forgot to yesterday!  GEEZZZ Candace!  But my excuse is that it was my birthday and I was just having too much fun!

My Go Family was great and made me feel so loved! My kiddies and Kendall took me to lunch.  We then went to Big Lots and made a cowbell video.  Not sure if you can view it but here it is!/photo.php?v=10150865791145164.  What the deal with more cowbell, you ask?!?!  Well D.A.D. challenged us to be as passionate about our jobs as Will Ferrell is about his cow bell job in his SNL skit.  Still no clue?!?!  Watch it, trust me you will love it!

I really am going to try to keep to this goal.  I just need to be as passionate about blogging as Will is for that cowbell!!!! 

Here's to MORE COWBELL!!!!!!


Blogger Challenge

So after our Go Show this morning I was inpsired by one of the agents, Joaquin.  He challenged himself to blog every day for TWO months straight.  Naturally, as one that loves challenges, I am now challenging myself to do this. 

Starting today, I will be blogging ever day for 2 months [hopefully for longer].  I am also challenging myself to get more subscribers to my blog.  Which means I am in turn challenging you to get your friends to subscribe to my blog!  Thanks in advance. :)

Here's to a wild, wacky, and fun next couple of months.


To New Adventures!

So since the Reality Show is over, our contestant have a lot going on.  Jill, the winner, has passed her test and is ready to GO JILL GO!  Actually, they all have a lot going on.  Nam, second place winner, has two listings already.  And what I am really excited about is to tell you about Haley!  Haley is going to join Zach and I as a Buyer's Agent.  I think that this is going to prove to be great for Haley and us!!!  She is going to learn SO much from Zach.  I am just SUPER SUPER excited. 

I am very happy for them.  They all have so many people rooting for them to succeed, including me.




One of our properties that recently sold, proved to be much harder than we thought it was going to be.  Why you ask?  Oh, I will tell you why!  The day that we were set to close, one of the buyers was but into the hospital.  OK, so it will get postponed for a day or two.  Let's try 3 weeks!  THREE WEEKS!  Our poor sellers became so frustrated, rightfully so.  This deal was one of those when you say "It can't get any worse..."  and it DOES!!  The buyer that was in the hospital ended up passing away.  Very, Very sad and unfortunate.  This was something that no one had ever experienced.  It was a learning experience for all of us.  The good news was that it closed, just 3 weeks later.  Our sellers were so excited and relieved when it was finally recorded.  I'm sure that had she not been pregnant, she would have had a few alcoholic beverages!!!! 


Better Than Ever

So I teased you with the property 2012 Jerimouth.  This house went through such a transformation.  From pre-staging to looks like a completely different house!  I wanted to share some of the pictures with you [peek below]. 




This is just three rooms...the entire house looks amazing now!   It just goes to show what a little work and staging can do. 


Rock on with your bad self!

I know it has been a while since you have heard from me but I am alive and still kicking!  Grad School and work are kickin' my butt!  Work has been so crazy with lots of listings and closing and the Reality Show just wrapped up.  GO JILL GO was the winner! 

We have had 3 closings this month and one more on the 30th.  The closing we had on Cary Glen I will have to devote an entire blog post to.  When it was "recorded," all I could do was say "WHEEEEWWW"

We also have taken on 3 new great listings:
 (this one was a huge tranformation.  I too will devote an entire blog to this home)


Let the thunder roll...

So Grad School started two weeks ago today.  How has it been you ask?  CRAZY!  I am only taking one class but the work load is ridiculous!  Each chapter is 40+ pages long and then we have to write a 4 page paper on it.  We have a paper due every Tuesday.  On top of other things.  When I got my hands on the syllabus I almost fell out of my chair.  I am pretty sure my blood pressure sky rocketed.  I am always so exhausted when I get home from work, I can't imagine having all of this to do on top of that.  Come December I am sure I will have twice as many grey hairs and ginormous bags under my eyes! 

Because our first paper isn't due until Septemeber 6th, I thought for sure I would be able to get a week ahead....WRONG! I just finished the reading for Chapter 1 and will be starting the paper tonight. If I can some how, some way, get the paper finished by tomorrow, there is a slight chance to get ahead. I'm not betting on it!!!

I say all of this in a venting mode, as I am certain that I will be able to handle it.  The trick is to figure out a schedule that works best for me so that I am not overwhelmed each week.  I need to have a routine reading schedule and a routine writing schedule. 



Proud Mama

So I haven't updated you in a while about the Go Reality Show.  It has been so much fun!  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of them and I am truly honored to get to work along side the Legend, Jim Garman and the Legend, Zach Schabot!  They have completed a scavenger hunt, facebook challenges, subscriber challenges, and blogging challeneges.  All of this on top of having class 4 days a week. 

Today was the day that they had to take their class test.  I was nervous all morning because I just wanted them all to pass.  I felt kind of maternal towards them.  For the past three weeks they have worked SO hard toward this first test.  If they don't pass this test they can't take the State test.  It was a crucial milestone. 

And so all morning I waited patiently [not really].  I was so nervous because I felt so attached to them.  One by one we heard from them and all I am going to say is that I am one Proud Mama.   GOOD JOB KIDDIES!!!!! :)



To Charge? Or Not To Charge?

So as you already know, I am so excited about the Go Reality Show.  Up to this point, I have played a tiny behind the scenes role.  I have been apart of the props department, the auditing department, a body double for Zach [so funny, I know], and a camer(wo)man.  Along with all of this I have also been a reality show consultant for Jim and Zach.  Their knowledge of reality shows wasn't as great as mine.  I must admit I knew that watching all of my trash TV would come in handy one day [not really].  And now I have a reason to watch.  From this point on I will no longer feel guilty about it because technically I am doing research! :) 

But all of this makes me beg the question..."Should I be charging for my consulting?"  I mean time is money and I give them a lot of my time.  HAHAHA  I am totally kidding but I was joking around with Zach today that I might start!  It was so funny because our consulting session/pow wow this afternoon took place in the back room.  The three of us were sitting Indian style in between the copier and the fridge. I wish someone would have taken a picture because I know it looked ridiculously awkward and funny. 

On a more serious note, I really enjoy being apart of this project and I am so proud of everything that we [Jim and Zach] have accomplished in such a short period of time. 

Again if you aren't following the show go subscribe:


Go Realty

 As you are walking towards Go Cary, you may catch a glimpse of a sign that reads "Not your grandfather's real estate company." Never have I believed that more than now.  Or you could find Jim in the window!   He was trying to figure out a good intro for the Go Reality Show.  Only he could fit in the window ledge!  But back to my point! 

Someone said to me not too long ago, "Just wait, in 6 months you will be driving a BMW, wearing clothes that look like they have been painted on, and I will be able to smell you a mile away."  I understood what he meant because most real estate agents are all show!  But, I was slightly offended by this becasue the mere thought of me conforming to anything to fit in was depressing.  I don't want them to like me simply because my dress label says the new hot designer.  Honestly, I want people to like me for me!  I want them to like me because I am silly and enjoy riding kids toys like this Big Wheel!  

Before coming to Go Realty, I had worked at a RE/MAX in which it was cold and non-welcoming.  The people didn't wear clothes that were painted on but they were still quite flashy.  It just isn't my type of place.  I want to walk in and have people greet me with the biggest smiles and the loudest Welcome!  Like RE/MAX and most other real estate offices, you have to be so proper.  Just this past Friday I went to pick up a check for one of our closings, I walked in and felt like I was walking in to meet President Obama or maybe Teresa Guidice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey!  I mean there was gold plated stuff everywhere.  You know that feeling when you walk in somewhere and you feel so out of place...Like you can't touch anything?  Yeah thats how I felt.  And of course it didn't help that I was wearing sandals and blue jeans. 

When you come to Go Realty, you feel at home.  I can promise you won't find gold-plated anything or self-promoting pictures.  We are all about innovation, comfort, magic, and our clients.  We greet everyone with a big smile and  a loud "WELCOME TO GO!"  People are constantly confusing us for the Starbucks next door because we are that warm and inviting.  We want to be memorable and the best way to me unforgettable is to be us!  I am so happy and proud to be apart of the Go Team.  Want to know more about us check out our Culture Book! 



So I found myself yesterday a little scatter brained.  My brain was all over the place.  I couldn't focus on anything and, the fact that I was sleep deprived didn't help.  I felt like Zach!  I started thinking, man is this what I am going to be like once Grad School starts next week??  Yes that's what I said, grad school.  Starting next week I will be a full time angel and a full time graduate student.  How am I going to pull that off you ask??  I think we all will find out together. 

I was so excited when I got into Grad School.  It was such a trying process and such an accomplishment.  Slowly but surely the excitement has dwindled away and the anxiety is building.  I am scared of what my life is going to turn into.  Moreover, am I even going to have a life?  Probably not!

The textbook is on its way so....Let the fun begin!



So, before I took this job I thought of myself as one with a good sense of direction.  I am seriously starting to question this now.  I can't count on my fingers and toes how many times I have gotten lost in the short period of 2 1/2 months.  I really just don't understand.  I Yahoo-Map the directions and yet I still end up lost.  I mean, one day I ended up in B.F.E.  I was supposed to be close to Downtown Raleigh and I was in Youngsville!!  For anyone not familar with the area, like me apparently, that is in complete opposite directions.  30 minutes in the wrong direction to be exact!  I was so ill and cussing like a sailor.  My mom was on the phone laughing at me because apparently me lost is comical!  [not for me]  I would say that is probably the worst thus far.

But just today, I followed the directions and turned around twice just to find the road I was supposed to turn on off of Capital.  Want to know why?  Because there is a median and you can't "Turn Right on Dennis."  Actually, you can't turn right or left!!!!  I mean these things should be in the directions.  Yahoo Maps should know this!!  They should know that you have to turn right on Fenton, then turn Right on some other street and then you are at Dennis.  I mean really????  Yahoo-Maps must think I have all the time in the world to get lost in Raleigh.  Needless to say what should have been a 20 minute trip turned into a 50 minute trip. 

After this morning's "adventure" I am now wondering if it is me?  Or is it that the directions are useless.  I mean honestly I would have been better off leaving my house and playing a guessing game.  "I think I will turn Left here."  "I think I will turn Right here." 



BREAKING NEWS here at Angel Confessions! 

This just in, your girl has been upgraded to Camera(wo)man #2!!!  This afternoon, I will be filming the Go Reality Show Contestants!!!  I am BEYOND excited about this!!!!

Me? Not Me?

So this Go Reality Show is still rocking and rolling.  The first episode aired this Monday.  If you haven't seen it, go watch it!  It is AWESOME!!!!

So this morning filming started for the results show.  Zach couldn't be here right at 9 so someone needed to fill in for him.  So JG says "Candace, come be Zach."  What?!?!  Not me.  He was serious so, I sat in Zach's chair and pretended to be him.  It was hilarious and so much fun! 


Can't Touch This....

So a while back Zach learned of my fear of spiders, snakes, rodents, etc.  From this he got this GREAT [sarcastic] idea of making me go in a crawl space.  His first attempt was last Monday.  Boy did I dodge a bullet.  Someone stole a couple of watches out of his car so he was extremely late getting to the inspection.  Wheeew.  I mean I hate they stole his watches but, I really didn't want to go under a house in a world of spiders, bugs, and grossness [not a word, I know].  Well I got a big surprise on Friday morning.  Zach comes in and asks me "Are you ready for an adventure?"  Meanwhile he has this devilish grin on his face.  I was immediately scared to death.

Surprise!  Surprise!  The adventure was to go in a crawl space.  Mind you, I had on my best fitting jeans and high heels because Happy Hour was that afternoon.  I just was not prepared for this.  Actually, how do you prepare for something like this?  I guess with a hazmat suit!  I kept thinking of ways to sneak home and change clothes or at least get some different shoes!  When I heard the words "Zach lets go grab lunch," it was music to my ears.  This was my one shot to jet home and change.  As soon as Zach walked out the door, I ran to my car.  I get home and within 3 minutes my phone is ringing...Guess Who???  ZACH!!!  I said SHIT!  I have been caught! :)  He said "Candace, did you go home to change clothes?!!?"  I said "No....but is it okay if I came to get some tennis shoes?"  He just laughed.

Well we get to the house.  My head and stomach are just not feeling so great.  They open the crawl space door and one by one we crawled in.  I literally didn't move once inside.  I was about 2 inches from the door in case something were to start coming in my direction.  And I am pretty sure that I did not breathe for about 7 minutes.  I really wanted to take a picture for you guys as proof but, I was too scared to move.  Zach said that my face, while I was in there, was priceless.  I'm sure it was because anyone that knows me, knows that my face says it all! 

As soon as I got out, I breathed a sigh of relief!  I really just did that?!?!  I DID!!!  And all of a sudden I had this huge rush of feeling like I was going to barf!  Between the heat, holding my breath, the smell, the seemed only natural.  We get in the car and Zach says "So you did it, what did you think?"  My response [with a horrible face] "I seriously think I am about to barf, lets not talk."

All in all, I guess it could have been worse.  I mean a snake, rat, etc. could have been in there waiting for me, in which I would have peed my pants.  I would not suggest anyone ever doing this unless you like spiders, horrible smells, being in close quarters with others [people and rodents].  It is not fun. 

I must admit though, after doing this, I feel like I can do anything.  Who wants to go skydiving?!?! [totally kidding]

Hello August

August is set to be a big, I mean HUGE, month for Zach and I.  Currently we have 5 closing set for August and two offers in negotiations with August closing dates.  HOLY BATMAN!!!  That is 7 closings in ONE month.  That is crazy good!!!!  In honor of the great luck August is bringing Zach and I, I decided to have a little fun with the letters of AUGUST.

A - awesome

U - unstoppable

G - gnarly

U - unbelievable

S - stuntin'

T - totally EPIC


No time for mistakes!

So we got an offer on one of our listings on Wednesday and they wanted to close this upcoming MONDAY!  FIVE DAYS!!!  Anyone in real estate knows that is extremely fast, almost impossible.  Anyone not in real estate, to help you understand, normally once an offer is accepted, they close in 30 days.  So closing in 5 days as opposed to 30 is FAST. 

The offer was all cash and no inspections.  For buyers this is very risky.  Eventhough it visually looks fine, you have no idea about the foundation.  You should always have inspections.  As a seller this is like hitting the jackpot.  No repairs to be made, no closing cost being paid, and no bank involvement.  WINNING!  WINNING!

Peep the property that I am talking about, its super cute!

Go Reality Show

So if you haven't already, you need to go sign up for the Go Reality Show.  It is really simple and quick!  Go to  and SUBSCRIBE!!!!  This is a very fun exciting project for us here at GO.  I would love for you to join in on the fun and follow along.  Here's to an exciting next 2 months!!!!


** Go Reality Show **

The Go Reality Show is in full effect! I was up and at it bright and early this morning helping with the filming. I proudly represented the "Props Department" with Kendall!!! We had scooters, bikes, roller skates, skateboards, and big wheels. I rode that Big Wheel around the office out of my excitement!!

Today we filmed the introduction to the show.  It was inspired by the FRIENDS introduction.  You know all of the friends coming together at the fountain.  We decided to break a few rules, hence the skate board, bike, etc. 

I have gone from camp counselor, to props department, to now VP of vote tallying. 

I can't wait for all of the fun that is in store. 

"Angel Confessions"

So this is the conversation that I had with my mom last night:

ME: Mom have you been reading my blog?

MOM: Is it something that I am supposed to be read more than once?

ME: YES! Mom didn't you subscribe?

MOM: No...

ME:  Mom I walked you through the steps the day I started. 

MOM: I don't know what you are talking about.

ME: Mom do you get emails from "Angel Confessions?"

MOM:  Yeah, the lesbian spam mail right??

ME: MOOOMM!!!  Thats my blog!

[Both laugh hysterically]

MOM: Sorry, I thought it was lesbian spam mail!!!



Is It Friday Yet?

As I am getting ready for work this morning, I get an email from the buyer's agent that had our home on Heidinger under contract.  And as I open it I see the dreaded words "I hate to inform you of this...."  My morning went from 8 to 0.  He goes on to say that the buyers were terminating because they still hadn't received the property disclosure.  What starts flashing in my mind??  The email that I got at 4:57pm on Friday when I was at another property putting the lockbox out.  I ran to my computer to see if I forwarded the email because I told myself to do it when I left the property.  Did I forward it....NOPE!  BIG FAT, NOPE!!!  Now, my day had gone from 0 to -100, real fast. 

Basically the deal is dead because I forgot to forward an email!  Could I feel more like poop?!?!?  Ugh! I began to apologize profusely to Zach.  I felt like crying but I couldn't because I was running so late!  All I could hear is Evelyn from Basketball Wives saying "Get It Together Boo Boo!  Get It Together!"  I start running around my apartment trying to get ready as fast as I can [of course "I have nothing to wear"].  In the process, I forget to turn the coffee maker on.  Really???  I couldn't pass on coffee, it was a necessity for the rest of this day!  Finally, I'm walking out the door at 8:56am.  Yes, I am supposed to be at work at 9.  I start thinking, how can one simple email throw my entire morning off this badly.  Normally I am at work by 8:50. 

For the first and only time you will probably ever hear me say this, "Thank God For Traffic!!"  There was a wreck on 40 so I didn't feel as bad about being late.  :)  I start working and anxiously awaiting Zach.  I felt like a child waiting for his parents to come home to see his horrible report card.  The look of disappointment is the worst!!  Zach enters on the phone...more waiting.  I intently listen to hear him say "bye" so I can walk in with my tail between my legs.  "I feel like poo poo, I am so sorry."  He smirks and proceeds to tell me that he doesn't think that me not forwarding the email is the real reason.  Wheewww.  We talked about how to avoid this in the furture and went on with the rest of our days.  After such a horrible morning, the day turned out to be not so bad.


WHOA let the chaos begin!

So we have SOOO much going on right now.  We have 4, count'em FOUR, deals so far closing in August.  3 are homes we have listed and 1 is buyers Zach has been working with.  We are on a roll!!  August is going to be a hard month to top, if all things go well.  BUT we are going to positive that everything is going to go smoothly and close like it should. 

How did all of this happen you ask?  Magic!  Just Kidding, we have been working our butts off.  From sending listing widgets, sending listing announcements, reverse prospecting, printing flyers, etc.  We have been doing everything we possibly can to get people to the properties.  Getting them there is the first step and hardest step, I think.  You have to make your property stand out.  Then we let the beautiful homes sell themselves.  Thats the good thing, right now we have 13 amazing listings.  They are all homes that I would live in.  They are immaculate on the inside and they all are in great neighborhoods. Peep some of them, the links are below.'


224 Harbor Haven Drive

Check out our new listing.  Its stinking cute!!!  And yet again, I did the entire blog!!  I am awesome, I know! Totally kidding [but not really].  Peep the website:

I hope you enjoy!  Have a fabulous and cool weekend!

Be Nice, At All Cost.

So I'm not good with the whole confrontation thing.  I always start laughing because I have a nervous laugh.  Plus I don't do well with people going to any length to prove a point or be "right."  So we had a sign removed that shouldn't have been.  Apparently this is an on going thing with this sign company.  I have had a dealing with this lady once and it wasn't great because she is one of those that loves to be "right" at all cost.  So imagine my enthusiasm of having to call her today about a sign that was removed "in error."  Well to be honest I emailed first because I hate calling people.  At the end of her email she asked me to call her...DAMN IT!!!  I just couldn't get around it.  I procrastinated a little bit and then I had no other choice but to call her because the sign had to be put back ASAP. 

"Hey ***** it's Candace from Go Realty..."  To save you from the annoying conversation I will just tell you that the end result is the sign is being re-installed free of charge!  And "Miss Right" wasn't wrong, "the software" was wrong!  Moral of the story: being right at all cost, its not a good thing.  Why?  Because sometimes its cost you Customer Service Points.  Without Customers, you have no business.  Without a business, you have no money!  Without money, you have no food!  Shall I continue. BE NICE, at all cost.


It's Camp Time

So I have been chosen to be a "Camp Counselor" for the Go Reality Show!  YEAH, I am so excited about this!!!

If you haven't already, go subscribe to the Go Reality Show!  You can be up to date on all of the action as it happens.  I will be sure to update you as well and most definitely will be posting pictures!  See below a shot of Jim and Zach filming with their high-tech equipment i.e. a card box and coffee from Starbucks.

Did I mention that you should subscribe to Go Reality Show???  DO IT!!

Checking In...

I bet you are wondering how the week is going since "Fabulous Monday??"  It has continued to be fabulous [minus an encounter with a not so nice person...more later]!  After some negotiations from the offer on Monday, our listing is now under contract!!  Guess which house it is???  The one that I developed the blog on my own [228 Heidinger]!!!!  It was on the market for 5 days!  Yes, thats right FIVE days!  I told myself that my blog was the reason!  Ha Ha 

Now about this mean person!  I was scolded for rescheduling a photography appointment.  I understand that depending on how much in advance that I reschedule they may lose time.  BUT the photographer needs to understand that I'm the in between.  I really hate being scolded!

Despite his need to be "right" I am having a great week!!!


Its Just Another Fabulous Monday!

Most people hate Mondays and I must admit, I don't LOVE them.  But I was glad to get back to work today.  Last week was so good.  We got two homes under contract - YAY!!!!  How will this week measure up to that?  I think it will fair pretty well seeing how we got another offer today on another listing!  I mean it really couldn't have started off any better right?  Well...I would be one happy girl if someone gave me a million dollars cash money! :)  Here's to a week of making our Sellers, HAPPY SELLERS!


The Calm Before The Storm....

For a few weeks now, I knew that Zach and Jim were up to something.  They have been throwing around all of these crazy names including but not limited to: Go Ogle, Go Trainwreck, Go Dango, Go Big, and Go Fu.  I have been so anxious to find out what was going on.  I mean lets face it, with Zach and Jim together there is no telling.  The two of them are true models of going big and thinking outside the box. 

So yesterday afternoon Zach was packing up to leave and said he needed to see me for 5 minutes.  My brain started going in 50 million different directions.  "Oh Gosh what did I do?"  "Am I in trouble?"  He pulled me into one of the two offices in Go Cary.  I was so worried that I had done something wrong.  He proceeds to tell me a "sneak peek" of this crazy idea.  Wheewww.  I was relieved that I wasn't in trouble.  He just let me know that the next couple of weeks were going to be chaotic and he would be relying on me a lot.  I told him to BRING IT ON!!!  Its so funny because I actually left feeling really cool because I was now on the inside! Ha Ha Ha [devilish laugh].  More on this BIG project to come.


Month 1

Most of my post thus far have been about real estate but not necessary about my experience as an Angel.  So this post is going to be dedicated to just that my first month as Zach's Guardian Angel.

First of all, man have I learned a lot!  From entering listings, creating blogs, creating listing widgets, reverse prospecting, shall I continue???  I think you get the point.  I like to think of myself as a quick learner but I must give credit where it is due.  Zach has been a great teacher.  He knows how to dummy things down so that anyone would understand it and get it!  Not that I am a dummy! :)

Secondly, I have met some of the most amazing people working at Go!  The culture here is unlike any other.  The people are so nice and so supportive.  I can't imagine ever working somewhere that doesn't have the same culture.  Its MAGICAL!  Its MEMORABLE!  Its worth $5!  Don't understand, peep our site and you will:

At this point I am sure that you are saying "Its not all roses and butterflies, Candace.  Lets here some reality!"  The reality is that it is rainbows and bunnies!!  I have had to come out of my shell a little and do things that I'm not used to.  I have had to write a blog.  I have had to create listing widgets.  I have had to send listing announcements.  All of these things are things that I am not comfortable with.  Sending stuff to people that I don't know, 5000+ to be exact!  What are they going to say about my writing skills?  Do my pronouns and nouns match??  And lets not metion my directional issues.  I have discovered after 7 years of living in the Triangle, I still don't know my way around.  Needless to say I have spent numerous days in my car in this North Carolina heat!  I guess its time for a GPS!

To sum it up real quick for you, I am one happy girl.  I have no complaints!  Well, I wish mother nature would stop with the heat already! :)

What is Social Media Good For?

So as promised, below I have outlined what the article in Realtor Magazine says are the advantages of Social Media.  I have used the most common/known.

"It is good for getting blanket messages out to your network.  Staying up-to-date on what your sphere of influence is saying, reading, watching, and doing.  Creating fan pages for your business that people beyond your sphere can join."

"Sending real-time updates to your sphere of influence.  Serving links to articles and items of interest.  Following leading news outlets and idustry thinkers."

"Promoting your professional qualifications and accomplishments.  Joining groups to share knowledge and build referral networks.  Asking other members for business."

If you find yourself asking: What is Facebook? What is Twitter?  What is Linkedin?  Go find out! 

Sex and The City: The Raleigh Addition

So I have created a property blog before BUT I have never actually written the posts on the blog.  I didn't think I was a good enough writer for that.  My bossman told me otherwise yesterday.  I was so proud and so happy that he liked it.  I can't describe how I felt yesterday.  I have never really felt it, you know, a boss appreciating your work?  Now that I know the feeling, there is nothing like it!!!  I am pretty sure I was blushing yesterday! 

People, you better watch out, I am the next Carrie Bradshaw.  Am I stretching it too far??  I mean they say Dream Big or Go Home.  So, here's to Dreaming Big!  CHEERS!


Peep The Blog:


Social Media + Real Estate = $Networking$

So while I was waiting for TEMPO class to start today I picked up a piece of paper that talked about social media.  Its all the rage these days right?  Not so much for a lot of real estate agents.  Below I have given a few excerpts from this article that I found compelling.

"Perhaps the most remarkable thing about online networking is the wide range of reactions it stirs up.  Some real estate professionals swear by it.  Others say it's a diversion at best - and an utter waster of time at worst."  I would have to say that I completely DISAGREE with those that think it is a waste of time.  If you talk to any agent at Go Realty they will make you a believer in Social Media from their success stories.  They have gotten listing appointments, buyers, referrals, etc. 

"Somewhere between these extremes is the reality of how the social web is changing the profession.  While it might not be a good fit for everyone, millions of people are using it to communicate and its popularity shows no signs of fading."  I AGREE.  Social Media isn't going anywhere.  Just last week, GOOGLE+ was launched as yet another social media site.   So together lets count: Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Blogger, shall we continue???  The truth is in the pudding!  Its time to adapt to the changing times as hard as it may seem.  Trust, it will expand your business!

So you ask, how do I use them?  How do I use them effectively for my business?  Stay tuned for more!

***Excerpts are from an article in Realtor Magazine, Septemeber 2009.


A picture is worth a MILLION words!

So today I met the photographer at one of our new listings!  First of all let me just say, that man works FAST!  We were in and out in NO time!  While I had seen his work before and thought it was great, I questioned how good these pictures were going to be because he was so darn fast!  Note to self: Never question or doubt Kyle!  We got the pictures back this afternoon and they looked AMAZING!  I mean AMMMMAZING!  The house looks so great!  Once I get the website up I will definitely post it for you so you can peep Kyle's great work! 

And I must give mad props to our brilliant stagger, Bobbie!  Her vision for this house was magical!!


Great Article

I ran across this article when reading Yahoo Real Estate and thought I would share it with you guys.  Check it out!


When the boss is away....

So my bossman has been out of the office since Friday.  Most people would love this because they can goof off and "play."  No playing here.  Eventhough I have done everything on my To Do List, I am making projects for myself that will help us in the long run. 

One project that I started and completed was making a list of all of our listings and their expiration dates.  I then put all of the expiration dates on our Client Activity calendar.  This way, I can see when it expires but also have a reminder a week or two in advance to start getting the re-listing process started.  No one wants expired listings in MLS!  ORGANIZATION!  ORGANIZATION!  ORGANIZATION!

Another project that I have started is researching cookie/cupcake companies that offer delivery.  One thing that is key in building and expanding your business is a good reputation not only with clients but also other agents.  Zach and I want to start sending Thank You gifts to agents that sell our listings.  "Just a little something to say Thank You for your hard work."  This is a not so easy project because everyone's sweet treats look amazing!!!  Anyone know of a company that I can use??

I am also taking this time to perfect my blog.  The purpose of a blog, I think, is to be informational to a targeted audience.  So the question is, "Who is my target audience?"  When asked this by an agent, my reply was EVERYONE.  I want everyone to read my blog and laugh at/enjoy my experiences.   


310 Plainview

So I forgot to give the link to the first Property Blog that I designed here it is!  Peep it and tell me what you think! :)



When you are trying to sell a house one key component is getting traffic in the house!  If people aren't coming in to view the home, they more than likely aren't going to buy the home! 

Good ways to generate traffic are:
1. Have an Open House [make sure that it is well advertised]
2. Send eBlast frequently to keep the home in the minds of agents
3. Reverse Prospecting - you want agents that are looking at it are well informed and educated on your home.

Constant Contact

What is the key to a happy seller?  I have to think that there are lots but a very important one is CONSTANT CONTACT!  Whether you are calling to discuss recent showings or to discuss strategies on how to get their house SOLD, you should always stay in contact. 

Today Zach and I started developing our plan to stay in constant contact with our sellers.  We are going to be sending weekly viewing reports as well as sending eBlast to agents in Wake County.  Developing unique selling strategies is essential to being a great agent and my boss man certainly knows how to think outside the box!


310 Plainview

                                          310 PLAINVIEW

So for each of our listings, we create a blog entirely devoted to that property.  I love that we do this because we are able to highlight everything that we want about the house.  MLS doesn't let you get into detail like a blog does.  We also let the owners do a post about the house.  This allows possible buyers to get even more information about the house.  I'm sure you are thinking, like what?  One example is, a personal note from them about what the house means to them, what they love about it, etc. 

Today I got the task of developing the blog for one of our new lisitings [pictured above].  FUN!!!  But I must admit I was nervous because I wanted it to look really good for the Bossman!  Developing my own blog is extremely different because I am not selling you something.  Once complete, I will post the link so you can see my masterpiece. :)


Weekly Roundup

So my first full week is complete!
I have learned so much and I owe it all to my bossman and the wonderful team at Go Realty. 

Below I have outlined a few
highlights from the week:

1. I experienced negotiations that led to an accepted offer! [see picture]

2. I had Blogger training with Kevin and Jen
3. First Go Show in Durham