Windy City Adventure

If you remember, my reward for finishing Go90x was a Southwest gift card.  I decided to use that gift card to take a trip to Chicago with my boyfriend.  I have been a few places {Florida, Maryland, California, New York, Savannah, Charleston, Vegas, etc.} but I must say Chicago was one of my favorites.  It could have been the company I was with OR the city is just that awesome.  Probably, both! :)

Here is my photo diary from the weekend.


Riding the L Train 
into the city.  


                                             Taking a boat ride    
                                               down the river.

                                               My favorite building. 

There is no crying in baseball, but sleeping...that is okay! 

Met this guy at the airport.  
Can we say great way to end an 
awesome weekend!?!?

It is always nice to get away, explore new cities and new things.  
This city is full of fun, excitement, and beautiful things.  

Here's to more adventures!