Weekly Report

I don't know ahout you, but this week has FLOWN by! 

I have decided to add a "Weekly Report" post to my blog.  This post will update you on everything from Go Realty to Interest Rates. 

So for Zach and I this week, we had 3 closing scheduled and only 1 closed.  I have to say I am not surprised!  What caused the delay?? Well one had to do with documents not arriving in a timely manner [on the buyer's side].  The other had to do with a hold up in the loan process.  The two that did not close got pushed back until next week, which means we will have 3 next week.  Busy, busy week for us next week!  We also got a new listing.  It is a great home and I can't wait to show everyone.

For Go Realty, we had two new agents start this week.  SO EXCITING!    We also announced where the new Go Realty office will be.  It is going to be in Holly Springs at the South Park Shopping Center.  It is in walking distance to a Chik-fil-a and an ABC store!  Sounds perfect, right?!?! :)

On a personal note, my big brother is home from Afghanistan and will be flying in to NC tomorrow afternoon.  He also will be receiving a Purple Heart this morning.  I am such a proud sister!

Here's to a great/busy next week!


Google Docs vs. DropBox

One of my first tasks as Zach's Angel was to download Dropbox to my phone and my computer.  When I was given this task I asked, to myself of course, "What the heck is DropBox?"  I quicky learned that it was a magic box.  A magic box that holds all of your documents so they aren't taking up your computers memory.  I was immediately a fan!  You can open your DropBox from any computer, in any state, at any time.  You can also share files with anyone that has dropbox.  It's truly amazing!

Four months later, Zach and I are developing a transaction sheet and he suggests using Google Docs.  I was skeptical/biased because I was die hard Dropbox.  I mean Dropbox is amazing.  But after getting in Google Docs and playing around, I realized that it has benefits too!  For our transaction sheets, Google Docs is perfect.  It allows us to create and edit documents.  It also allows whoever you share it with to edit the document as well. 

Both have their advantages, and both are FREE!!! But if I was going to be stranded on an island, I would choose my DropBox, for sure!

Haven't tried DropBox?!? Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

Here's to getting more free space on DropBox! :)


Friday I attended Rebar Camp for the first time.  It was held at the Capital City Club in downtown Raleigh [very nice]!  I left inspired and energized!  I learned so much about blogging, twitter, building your website, etc.  It inspired me to become more tech savvy.  I was inspired to make my blog better, to make it more meaningful and more focused.  Instead of blogging about everything, it is going to be more centralized.  I have started tweaking things.  You may have noticed that I have added tabs up top.  They are going to focus on Buyers and Sellers.  I have also added a tab today that is about me.  About what I offer clients as Zach's assistant.  I really want my blog to have a purpose.  So.....

Here's to a fabulous blog! 


Biggest Rockstar

Obviously, my goal to blog everyday has been shot to hell.  Why?  I am just too busy to do it.  Between work, school, and attempting to have a personal life.  There just seems to be no time.  

But I wanted to tell you about this challenge a group of us have started.  We are doing our own take on The Biggest Loser!  It is called The Biggest Rockstar.  The contest began 10/18 and continues until 02/14.   Each week we pay $5.  The person that has the greatest percentage lost wins.  There are 11 of us so I could win almost $900.  I am very determined to win.  And even if I don't, I will at least have gotten into a routine and will hopefully continue you that even after 02/14.  

My goal is to lose around 10%.  Here's to losing weight and becoming healthier! WOOOO :)


One Stage At a Time!

One of the many benefits to using Go Realty is free staging.  This morning I had a meeting with Bobbie, our stagger, at one of our new listings.  This happens to be my favorite part of the listing process.  In this little two hour time frame, sometimes as long as four, I get so much accomplished. 

(1) I get to meet the homeowner(s).

(2) I get to view the home.

(3) I get to help with the staging process which is SO much fun.  Its basically decorating!!

(4) I get great ideas for my blogs. 

If you are looking to sell your home, first you need to call Zach!  Second, you need to have a stagger come in,.  And, I would HIGHLY recommend Bobbie McGrath with Successful Staging.  Staging can add so much value to your house, generally, using stuff you already have just in a new location.  Staging makes your home look AMAZING and also makes the photos that much better. 


Not Starting off good...

So the goal I had to blog everyday for 2 months started off bad because I forgot to yesterday!  GEEZZZ Candace!  But my excuse is that it was my birthday and I was just having too much fun!

My Go Family was great and made me feel so loved! My kiddies and Kendall took me to lunch.  We then went to Big Lots and made a cowbell video.  Not sure if you can view it but here it is!/photo.php?v=10150865791145164.  What the deal with more cowbell, you ask?!?!  Well D.A.D. challenged us to be as passionate about our jobs as Will Ferrell is about his cow bell job in his SNL skit.  Still no clue?!?!  Watch it, trust me you will love it!

I really am going to try to keep to this goal.  I just need to be as passionate about blogging as Will is for that cowbell!!!! 

Here's to MORE COWBELL!!!!!!


Blogger Challenge

So after our Go Show this morning I was inpsired by one of the agents, Joaquin.  He challenged himself to blog every day for TWO months straight.  Naturally, as one that loves challenges, I am now challenging myself to do this. 

Starting today, I will be blogging ever day for 2 months [hopefully for longer].  I am also challenging myself to get more subscribers to my blog.  Which means I am in turn challenging you to get your friends to subscribe to my blog!  Thanks in advance. :)

Here's to a wild, wacky, and fun next couple of months.


To New Adventures!

So since the Reality Show is over, our contestant have a lot going on.  Jill, the winner, has passed her test and is ready to GO JILL GO!  Actually, they all have a lot going on.  Nam, second place winner, has two listings already.  And what I am really excited about is to tell you about Haley!  Haley is going to join Zach and I as a Buyer's Agent.  I think that this is going to prove to be great for Haley and us!!!  She is going to learn SO much from Zach.  I am just SUPER SUPER excited. 

I am very happy for them.  They all have so many people rooting for them to succeed, including me.