Weekly Recap on 11-11-11!

This week we started our new tricks on Tour Factory and started our Craigslist routine.  I feel really good about them; I think they will have positive results!

We had two scheduled closings.  One of them closed today.  And, we got a great compliment at the closing table.  The buyer of our listing told Zach that he loved our property website.  He said that it was the coolest he had ever seen [cooler than his agents]! How awesome is that?!?!  Check it out: I secretly wished it was one that I developed but, it was one of Zach's! :)  The other closing that was scheduled for this week got pushed back [again].  It is now set to close on Tuesday.  Let's cross our fingers. 

Zach and I got some great news this afternoon!  The agent that showed our property at 1000 Red Deer is submitting an offer! WOOO! We are super excited.  This offer is special because the day that we lowered the price, this agent scheduled a showing.  Not to say that it will always happen like that but it's awesome that it did!!  That news just made the weekend for a sweet family.  It made the weekend for Zach and I as well! 

We also had a listing go live today.  It is such a cute house!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

My goal for next week is to find even more creative ways to get our listings SOLD.  Which means we need to find ways to get more traffic.  I know the Tour Factory and Craigslist tricks will help but "you can always do more."

Here's to lots of showings this weekend and maybe, just maybe, some offers!  And Happy Veteran's Day!

My Brother [bottom center] in Afghanistan on his 2nd tour.


Picture Perfect!

When we send Bobbie in to stage a home, she is staging for pictures.  The goal is to make the home look so good in photographs that people "HAVE TO SEE THAT HOUSE."  After staging comes the pictures! Here are a few tips to getting the best pictures ever!

1. Make sure all your personal items are off the bathroom counters and in the bathtub.  Simply, tuck them away under the sink!

2. Make sure the kitchen coutners are cleared.  Like above, tuck the items away to make the coutners look larger. 

3. Make sure your toilet lids are DOWN.  There is nothing worse than a picture that shows the inside of a toilet.  It is just an ugly site. 

4. Make sure all your blinds are open and all lights are on.  A key is to make the home look bright!

5. Make sure there aren't any vehicles in the drive way or on the curb closest to the home.  You don't want people admiring your car, you want them to admire your home!

6. Make sure your home is clean! Kind of obvious but a must!

7. Make sure all animal items are tucked away.

                          Not a Good Look!



Weekly Recap!

So this week was great for Zach and I!  We had two closings!  YAY!  One was so refreshing because it is the couple that we listed their townhome and had everything go wrong that possibly could.  They are so excited about their new Garman home!  Kim was so cute because she basically chronicled the journey of building their home.  I thought it was such a cute idea which got my juices flowing about what Zach and I can do for our buyers.  We can make them a tiny scrapbook that outlines their journey of finding a home.  From the first meeting, to signing the contract, to getting the keys.  I think it would be a sweet little gift.  Something they can always look back at, especially for the first time home buyers.

Speaking of first time home buyers.  We also got a new buyer this week.  He just happens to be a friend of mine, Jared.  This is really exciting to me because he is my friend and I love helping people.  Nothing better than helping a friend find a house. 

This week I have really focused on getting more showings on our listings.  I have been working on putting our listings on Craigslist more consistently.  I am also going to be using more tricks on Tour Factory to get more showings, thanks to Kyle Ketchel. 

We have a few other deals coming up to work on so for now, I am signing off!

Here's to a great weekend everyone!  GO TARHEELS!!


How do you prep for a first date?

This week at the Go Show one of our Rockstar agents, Christine Danko, gave an amazing presentation on staging.  She compared staging to dating.  Genius, right?!?!  So I am stealing her idea and using it here for my blog.  It's just that great, I have to share it!

So on a first date, would you dress like this? Sweat pants [with paint stains] and baseball cap?? The answer should be NO!

  (1) Make sure you hide your perscription drugs and alcohol!

(2) You should make sure your roof is in tip top shape!  [Remove the baseball cap & insert hair bow]

(3) Your walls should be neutral colors.  [Remove plaid shirt]

(4) You should also make sure that your carpets are cleaned or replaced! [Remove sweat pants and tennis shoes]

TA! DA!  That girl looks ready for a first date!!!!  It is really that simple.  You should present your home to the open market like you would present yourself on a first date.  You want only winners, right?!?!

 Here's to dating Christine, I won't tell your husband! lol