One of our properties that recently sold, proved to be much harder than we thought it was going to be.  Why you ask?  Oh, I will tell you why!  The day that we were set to close, one of the buyers was but into the hospital.  OK, so it will get postponed for a day or two.  Let's try 3 weeks!  THREE WEEKS!  Our poor sellers became so frustrated, rightfully so.  This deal was one of those when you say "It can't get any worse..."  and it DOES!!  The buyer that was in the hospital ended up passing away.  Very, Very sad and unfortunate.  This was something that no one had ever experienced.  It was a learning experience for all of us.  The good news was that it closed, just 3 weeks later.  Our sellers were so excited and relieved when it was finally recorded.  I'm sure that had she not been pregnant, she would have had a few alcoholic beverages!!!! 


Better Than Ever

So I teased you with the property 2012 Jerimouth.  This house went through such a transformation.  From pre-staging to looks like a completely different house!  I wanted to share some of the pictures with you [peek below]. 




This is just three rooms...the entire house looks amazing now!   It just goes to show what a little work and staging can do. 


Rock on with your bad self!

I know it has been a while since you have heard from me but I am alive and still kicking!  Grad School and work are kickin' my butt!  Work has been so crazy with lots of listings and closing and the Reality Show just wrapped up.  GO JILL GO was the winner! 

We have had 3 closings this month and one more on the 30th.  The closing we had on Cary Glen I will have to devote an entire blog post to.  When it was "recorded," all I could do was say "WHEEEEWWW"

We also have taken on 3 new great listings:
 (this one was a huge tranformation.  I too will devote an entire blog to this home)