Vintage is back!! [kind of]

So I walked into a home Tuesday for a home inspection.  I wasn't sure what I was expecting but this wasn't it.  The home was built in the 1950s and everything looked "original." When I walked into the kitchen I found this!  A stove and boom box that are quite possibly older than me!! While everything looked vintage I could see the potential in this home.  The idea of taking an older home with so much character and making it new, sounds like so much fun!  I can't wait to see all of the changes our clients make.  To steal a line from Garman Homes, it is going to be a Vintage Remix!

As for that boom box, I was VERY tempted to take it, throw it over my shoulder, and have a jam fest!  Had I been alone, I am pretty sure it would have happend. 


My Favorite Time of the Day...

Here at Go Cary we call 4pm-5pm "Country Hour."  It happens to be my favorite part of the day.  It usually consist of Me, Knowtorious D.A.D [Kevin], Rufus [Lisa], and Kandel [Kendall].  It can be quite funny because the mere mention of country and people start getting their panties all in a bunch and threaten to leave. I don't know about y'all but I just love me some country music. 

I really enjoy "Country Hour" because all day the music is so upbeat and crazy.  For one hour out of the day its nice to relax.  I get to let my country roots come out.  And, Kendall and I are usually singing every song with our pens acting as microphones.  Its just a nice change.

My favorite songs from today's "Country Hour"

1. Farmer's Daughter - Rodney Atkins
2. Don't You Want To Stay - Jason Aldean
3. Do I - Luke Bryan
4. Don't Make Me - Blake Shelton
5. Fast - Jason Aldean



Change, I don't like it!

So one of the things that Go Realty believes in is change.   Change, it is the only constant in life.  And, up until a few weeks ago, I thought I was pretty accepting of it.  Not so much anymore!

Recenlty our new office in "The Holla" aka Holly Springs opened.  With this great event also came the depature of a lot of my Go Peeps and ALL of my Garman Peeps.  I MISS MY PEEPS.  Our weekly meetings just don't feel the same.  I no longer have study hall with Uncle Jimmy in the mornings, it's just myself!  I no longer have my music loving, dancing friend A$.  I no longer have the other half of "Candle Oxenworth."  While I am happy to have the new office, I am also in the corner pouting like a little kid.  I don't like this whole "change" thing, anymore!