Window Shopping.

 Many of you are probably wondering, why is there a picture of a window cleaner on here?  Well, let me tell you.  Every month my day is brightened when I see him.  He is just so freaking hot.  Lisa went to great lengths to find out the 411 on him [she is always trying to hook a sista up].  He is from Ecuador and single.  What I love about him is that he is always smiling.  No matter how hot it is outside, he is always smiling.  Such a cheerful guy.  

So why haven't I gotten his number yet?  If only he wasn't a smoker...  

Maybe next month I will work up the nerve to give him some NicoDerm CQ, or just send Lisa! 


I survived...

So as many of you probably know, a few of us from Go Realty recently took a trip to Vegas.  To highlight my trip, I made a list of my favorite ten moments.

1. Being close to someone on the plane that was eating hard boiled eggs & another that was barfing. 

2. Attending a Jabbawokeez Show - they have mad skills.  

3. The Fountains at the Balagio are simply breath taking.

4. Taking a tour of Zappos and coming across a Kobe Bryant Jersey! #BlackMamba

5. Eating at the great restaurants.  

6. Meeting my stalker and then having him escorted out of the hotel!

7. Seeing all the half naked people walking the streets. 

8. Chilling by the pool with some awesome people, cabana style.

9. Seeing the town at night, with all the lights. 

10. Gambling $5 and losing it all in a matter of 90 seconds.

Obviously some of these are sarcastic, but all are memories that will not be forgotten.  I couldn't have chosen a better group of people to be with.  And, I am slightly sad that I did not get to meet Wayne Newton.  Maybe next time...


Rocky, Go Realty Style.

So from the day I started at Go Realty, I have been hearing about a punching bag.  Jenn Cole has been bringing it up every opportunity she gets.  

Today, JoCo got her punching bag!!  I guess all the harassing of Dad in Vegas, worked!  So happy for you and all of us at Go Realty for our new toy!  Here's to a healthier way to relieve our stress.  Sorry Cafe Carolina your cupcakes are no longer needed!

Watch as JoCo gets her surprise.