Rockstars United!

Zach & I wanted to show our clients that we appreciate them.  So, we decided to @ Fairview Nursery where we gave away poinsettias.  Here are some highlights from the day.

Mrs. Claus even stopped by for story time.  :)

After all, it's not about us.  It's about YOU! 


Gobble, Gobble

With turkey day approaching, I thought I would list 10 items I am thankful.  

1. Family and friends that love me unconditionally.

2. Freedom to be myself.

3. Go Realty and all that it stands for.

4. My sweet kitty, Rumor.

5. All the amazing food my mom prepares on Thanksgiving Day. 

6. Music, can't live without it.

7. Apple Products, enough said.

8. Sports - Go Heels!

9. All those serving in our military.

10. The color changing on trees this time of year.  

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes


Never Say Never

No, this post isn't about the Justin Bieber song.  Its about my fear of heights.  I always said "I will never go skydiving."  Well I ate those words this weekend.

For my 26th birthday, I decided the best way to enter my "late twenties" would be to jump out of a perfectly good plane at 13,500 feet.  This experience was beyond rewarding.  I realized if I can overcome my fear of heights, I can do anything.

I was surprisingly not nervous at all, even when standing on the edge of the plane with the door open.  But that first 45 seconds after jumping was terrifying and crazy fun, all at the same time.  This is a once in a lifetime experience that I am so glad I did.  Here are a few pictures.


Balancing Act

Today I went to a training hosted by the fabulous Michelle Meyer.  It was about blocking time, balancing your life, so that you get more bounty.  I was lucky enough to be in the training by myself so I got a more personalized training session.  I really enjoyed talking with Michelle because she gave great advice.  There were a few "Girl!  You need to snap out of it"

As some of your know, I am in Grad-School.  I took the summer off and it has proven to be the death of me.  I got so used to doing whatever I wanted and to having a lot of free time.  Awesome right?! No!  I am still in that lazy mode and I am struggling now that school has started back.  I just don't feel like doing anything.  BUT it's time to snap out of it, like Michelle said, because we are a month in.  Time to get motivated!!

So Michelle and I decided that I need a reward to serve as my motivation.  The stipulation is that I have to make A's in both my classes.  What is my reward?  Help me decide:

Just a Kidd...

Something that is near and dear to my heart is my older brother, Skyler.  Skyler served in the Marines for 4 years.  While in Afghanistan, he was a dog handler.  His dog's name was Kidd.  Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!!  The dog, not my brother! :) Well here's a story to warm your hearts...


Each dog is allowed to serve a certain amount of trips overseas.  Forgive me, the actual amount of trips has escaped me.  But after those trips are served, the dog can be adopted.  So, Skyler put his name on the list because he just had to have Kidd, given the chance.  This dog not only served his country, but became a great companion for my brother.  I have no doubt in my mind, Kidd played a huge role in my brother's sanity while serving in Afghanistan.  Today the old pals were reunited, for life.  I am so happy for my brother because I know how much he loves Kidd.  I can't wait to meet my nephew!  :)

Today, I salute you Kidd.    


Window Shopping.

 Many of you are probably wondering, why is there a picture of a window cleaner on here?  Well, let me tell you.  Every month my day is brightened when I see him.  He is just so freaking hot.  Lisa went to great lengths to find out the 411 on him [she is always trying to hook a sista up].  He is from Ecuador and single.  What I love about him is that he is always smiling.  No matter how hot it is outside, he is always smiling.  Such a cheerful guy.  

So why haven't I gotten his number yet?  If only he wasn't a smoker...  

Maybe next month I will work up the nerve to give him some NicoDerm CQ, or just send Lisa! 


I survived...

So as many of you probably know, a few of us from Go Realty recently took a trip to Vegas.  To highlight my trip, I made a list of my favorite ten moments.

1. Being close to someone on the plane that was eating hard boiled eggs & another that was barfing. 

2. Attending a Jabbawokeez Show - they have mad skills.  

3. The Fountains at the Balagio are simply breath taking.

4. Taking a tour of Zappos and coming across a Kobe Bryant Jersey! #BlackMamba

5. Eating at the great restaurants.  

6. Meeting my stalker and then having him escorted out of the hotel!

7. Seeing all the half naked people walking the streets. 

8. Chilling by the pool with some awesome people, cabana style.

9. Seeing the town at night, with all the lights. 

10. Gambling $5 and losing it all in a matter of 90 seconds.

Obviously some of these are sarcastic, but all are memories that will not be forgotten.  I couldn't have chosen a better group of people to be with.  And, I am slightly sad that I did not get to meet Wayne Newton.  Maybe next time...


Rocky, Go Realty Style.

So from the day I started at Go Realty, I have been hearing about a punching bag.  Jenn Cole has been bringing it up every opportunity she gets.  

Today, JoCo got her punching bag!!  I guess all the harassing of Dad in Vegas, worked!  So happy for you and all of us at Go Realty for our new toy!  Here's to a healthier way to relieve our stress.  Sorry Cafe Carolina your cupcakes are no longer needed!

Watch as JoCo gets her surprise.


Bring on the heat...

While most of you are dreading seeing the calendar switch to July, I am so ready.  I know with July comes triple-digit temperatures but it also comes with a little break for Zach and I.  We had TEN closings in a matter of 15 days!  Boys and Girls, that is BA-NAN-As!!!

Before the month started, Zach and I both seemed a little worried about how we were going to pull this off.  He thought we may need to call in help from a Go Agent to help us.  Me, I was determined to prove myself.  And, to prove that he and I, we are a two person magic show.  With today bringing the end of June and our crazy month, I can proudly say we survived.  I even had someone say "Candace, you look really calm to have 5 closings this week."  While it went smoother than anticipated, it did come with some insanity.  [see picture below]

We not only survived, we did it alone.  He and I, we really are a two person magic show.  We both are so exhausted, because not only did we have ten closings, Zach moved and my Papa had triple by-pass surgery.  I have never been so happy to see July.  While it is chalking up to be a busy month as well, it has nothing on June.  Bring on that heat!!!!

Go Go Super Angel to your rescue!!! 


Life, Today...

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. 
  - F. Nietzche    

My Family. 
I have an amazing family and they mean the absolute world to me.  They are so supportive and accept me just the way I am.  Rolling eyes, attitude, and all!  We argue, we fight, but more than anything we love.  We love unconditionally.  And, I can't talk family without mentioning My Mommy.  This woman is my rock.  She has the biggest heart.  And, is the most unselfish person I have ever met.

My Friends. 
My friends are the most amazing people, ever!  My friends are my "chosen" family.  They offer the best advice and they never judge.  They are so understanding, so caring, and so forgiving.  I cherish every minute I have with them.  From the "Girls Weekends" to, the nights of watching trashy reality TV eating junk food.  These boys and girls are the best.   I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

My Go Family.
What can I say, except that I am so grateful that Zach chose me to be a part of this family.  They are so supportive and so magical.  They are quick to lend a hand, a shoulder, a cookie, etc..  They put up with my dancing and singing.  I could spend every day for the rest of my life sitting at those long white tables sharing laughs and stories with these amazing people.  They make me a better person.  And, they are worth every penny of my $6 cup of coffee!

My three families are my why, and they are my strength to bear the how.




As many of you know, Friday marked my One Year Anniversary working with The Zach Schabot.  I thought it would be nice to reflect on the past year and list the things I have learned.  I mean I have learned a lot about Go Realty, Real Estate, Myself, etc.  But these are the Top 10.

1. Working hard really pays off.  In more ways than one.
2. Zach is not only the coolest person, but also the coolest boss.
3. Crawl Spaces are just not for me.
4. Lisa Piazza is one amazing angel.  Don't know what I would do without that chick.
5. Apple Products, they are unlike any other.
6. "The Crazy Wine Lady" she is the sweetest woman, ever!
7.  Bobbie, our stager, can taste room color.
8.  My sense of direction isn't as great as I thought.
9. Go Realty is the best real estate company on the planet earth.  Point. Blank. Period.
10. I am a really lucky girl.  I have a job that I enjoy and co-workers that are more like family.

My First Year, through the lens.  



Vintage is back!! [kind of]

So I walked into a home Tuesday for a home inspection.  I wasn't sure what I was expecting but this wasn't it.  The home was built in the 1950s and everything looked "original." When I walked into the kitchen I found this!  A stove and boom box that are quite possibly older than me!! While everything looked vintage I could see the potential in this home.  The idea of taking an older home with so much character and making it new, sounds like so much fun!  I can't wait to see all of the changes our clients make.  To steal a line from Garman Homes, it is going to be a Vintage Remix!

As for that boom box, I was VERY tempted to take it, throw it over my shoulder, and have a jam fest!  Had I been alone, I am pretty sure it would have happend. 


My Favorite Time of the Day...

Here at Go Cary we call 4pm-5pm "Country Hour."  It happens to be my favorite part of the day.  It usually consist of Me, Knowtorious D.A.D [Kevin], Rufus [Lisa], and Kandel [Kendall].  It can be quite funny because the mere mention of country and people start getting their panties all in a bunch and threaten to leave. I don't know about y'all but I just love me some country music. 

I really enjoy "Country Hour" because all day the music is so upbeat and crazy.  For one hour out of the day its nice to relax.  I get to let my country roots come out.  And, Kendall and I are usually singing every song with our pens acting as microphones.  Its just a nice change.

My favorite songs from today's "Country Hour"

1. Farmer's Daughter - Rodney Atkins
2. Don't You Want To Stay - Jason Aldean
3. Do I - Luke Bryan
4. Don't Make Me - Blake Shelton
5. Fast - Jason Aldean



Change, I don't like it!

So one of the things that Go Realty believes in is change.   Change, it is the only constant in life.  And, up until a few weeks ago, I thought I was pretty accepting of it.  Not so much anymore!

Recenlty our new office in "The Holla" aka Holly Springs opened.  With this great event also came the depature of a lot of my Go Peeps and ALL of my Garman Peeps.  I MISS MY PEEPS.  Our weekly meetings just don't feel the same.  I no longer have study hall with Uncle Jimmy in the mornings, it's just myself!  I no longer have my music loving, dancing friend A$.  I no longer have the other half of "Candle Oxenworth."  While I am happy to have the new office, I am also in the corner pouting like a little kid.  I don't like this whole "change" thing, anymore!

The Best Gift Giver

So I am always speaking highly of my boss.  I mean the man is just awesome.  I received an iPad from him last week.  I am visiting Wayne Newton in July, compliments of him.  And today, I received this...

Isn't he the sweetest?!?!  You never know when you will need a shiny paperclip!  Thanks Boss!


I couldn't resist another bite...

So I wrote a post a while ago about taking a bite out of apple.  It was all about my newest toy, at the time, my iPhone.  Well today another bite was taken out of apple with my new iPad 3!!  I am so excited about my new gadget that I don't want to touch it in fear of breaking it.  I am seriously going to be UNSTOPPABLE with this new gadget, watch out world!!!

While I am very excited, I am also very grateful.  I have said it time and time again, I have the best boss on Earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc.  He really knows how to appreciate hard work and is just so awesome.  I have never been in a situation where I feel that every minute is appreciated and acknowledged.  I am one lucky duck!


Let the madness begin...

Anyone who knows me probably thought this post was going to be about the NCAA Tournament that starts tomorrow [which I am very excited about].  But it's not!  The March Madness I am speaking of has everything to do with Schabot Residential. 

The month of March has been SO crazy for us.  We have 5 closings scheduled.  Yes, I said FIVE!  We also have sold 3 homes in the past week.  The average days on the market for these three homes...FOUR DAYS!  That is bananas folks!!! We put them on and before we can get the sign rider out there, it is under contract.

A lot can be said about this.  One, the market is definitely on its way up, no denying it.  Two, homeowners that take what Bobbie says to heart, get rewarded [BIG TIME].  Three, Zach is working really hard for his clients.

We are well on our way to capping in April.  It seemed a little obnoxious of a goal in January but it is really going to happen!  But above this, it is so rewarding to see the smiles on the homeowner's faces when we put that SOLD sign out.  Nothing better!

Here's to more smiles!


March Madness Anyone?!

All sports fans know that the best MONTH of basketball is here!  Usually I would spend my lunch at home watching games and the rest of the work day glued to my computer keeping up with my bracket.  Luckily I don't have to anymore.  Want to know why?  Because at Go Realty, March Madness is going to be displayed on our 70 inch iPad!!  Don't believe me just take a look at our sign or come in and watch it with us! I am one happy girl...I don't have to waste my sick days!

Also, stay tuned for my Final Four picks.  UNC is a sure thing! GO HEELS!

Juggling Act?

Well,  tomorrow brings about the end of Go90x.  And I can't say that I am sad about it.  It was an awesome challenge, but it was just that.  It was a really hard challenge.  I felt like I was a juggling act the entire month of February.  Between my regular work load, Go90x, and school...I was at my wits end almost every Friday! But here are the three greatest things I will take away from this experience. 

1. I can handle a lot more than I thought.  Again I felt like I was in a never-ending juggling act.  There was never enough time in the day, week, etc. But some how I kept it together [somewhat].

2. My Go Family is awesome, can't say it enough.  They have been so supportive even at my crazy moments.  A special Thank You to Zach, Jenn, Jill, and Lisa, you guys rock!

3. Real Estate agents work their tooshies off.  Getting and maintaining busisness is hard.  I appauld all of you.

For all my fellow finishers, CHEERS to us!  Vegas we will see you soon!


The Candy's!

In honor of award season, I thought I would give out some awards of my own.  So the winners are...

Smartest Clients: Jared Hocutt & Ginger Edwardsen

Sassiest Client: Robyn Churn

Most Patient Client: "We have a tie!" Kim & Brian McLamb AND Kevin & Lari Jones

Video Vixen: Brandon White

Check out one of the masterpieces:

The Wisest Sherpa: Kevin Woody

My Favorite Kobalt Tools Jenn Cole and Zach Schabot

Favorite Duke Fan : Dave Thomas

The Most Special Angel Ever: Lisa Piazza

A few of our winners.... 

Zach Schabot                                                       Kevin Woody

Dave Thomas                                                     Jared and Ginger
Profile Picture

I love the people I work with and I love our clients.  I wouldn't trade them for the world!


"Why I Love My Mommy"

"Hello Everyone!  If you know my mom, you probably know me too.  I am Rumor Belle Oxendine, you can call me Rumor.  I know she loves me, she tells me all the time.  So, check out the video to see why I love her so much!" - Rumor



Recently I discovered this new app called Yelp...heard of it?!  If so, you know what I am talkin' about!  If not, it is awesome so get on it!  And after signing up, add me as your friend! :)

It allows you to find great reviews on local businesses.  It allows you to toot the horn of your favorite hair stylist or barista.  You can also warn people about terrible customer service. 

I really like it for when you want to be brave and try a new restuarant, these reviews are honest and so helpful. 

Here's to Yelp!  Lets go yelping!