Juggling Act?

Well,  tomorrow brings about the end of Go90x.  And I can't say that I am sad about it.  It was an awesome challenge, but it was just that.  It was a really hard challenge.  I felt like I was a juggling act the entire month of February.  Between my regular work load, Go90x, and school...I was at my wits end almost every Friday! But here are the three greatest things I will take away from this experience. 

1. I can handle a lot more than I thought.  Again I felt like I was in a never-ending juggling act.  There was never enough time in the day, week, etc. But some how I kept it together [somewhat].

2. My Go Family is awesome, can't say it enough.  They have been so supportive even at my crazy moments.  A special Thank You to Zach, Jenn, Jill, and Lisa, you guys rock!

3. Real Estate agents work their tooshies off.  Getting and maintaining busisness is hard.  I appauld all of you.

For all my fellow finishers, CHEERS to us!  Vegas we will see you soon!


The Candy's!

In honor of award season, I thought I would give out some awards of my own.  So the winners are...

Smartest Clients: Jared Hocutt & Ginger Edwardsen

Sassiest Client: Robyn Churn

Most Patient Client: "We have a tie!" Kim & Brian McLamb AND Kevin & Lari Jones

Video Vixen: Brandon White

Check out one of the masterpieces: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf0J9OcFng8&context=C367ffd5ADOEgsToPDskJEcRNqACETy5YioNGZp5Ie

The Wisest Sherpa: Kevin Woody

My Favorite Kobalt Tools Jenn Cole and Zach Schabot

Favorite Duke Fan : Dave Thomas

The Most Special Angel Ever: Lisa Piazza

A few of our winners.... 

Zach Schabot                                                       Kevin Woody

Dave Thomas                                                     Jared and Ginger
Profile Picture

I love the people I work with and I love our clients.  I wouldn't trade them for the world!


"Why I Love My Mommy"

"Hello Everyone!  If you know my mom, you probably know me too.  I am Rumor Belle Oxendine, you can call me Rumor.  I know she loves me, she tells me all the time.  So, check out the video to see why I love her so much!" - Rumor



Recently I discovered this new app called Yelp...heard of it?!  If so, you know what I am talkin' about!  If not, it is awesome so get on it!  And after signing up, add me as your friend! :)

It allows you to find great reviews on local businesses.  It allows you to toot the horn of your favorite hair stylist or barista.  You can also warn people about terrible customer service. 

I really like it for when you want to be brave and try a new restuarant, these reviews are honest and so helpful. 

Here's to Yelp!  Lets go yelping!


Angel Love!

In honor of Angel Appreciation being this week, I decided to make a video of the Top 5 Reasons why I love Special Agent aka Lisa!


Preview of Champions?

One of our challenges for Go90x is to preview 10 homes.  So, this weekend I drug two of my friends with me to view 10 homes in Durham.  Boy did we have fun!  I learned a few things during this escapade. 

1. Staging does wonders!  Vacants with no furniture feel less homey and are less attractive.
2. Smells can really kill a home!  Experienced this twice.
3. Crazy wallpaper is very distracting!
4. MLS sheets can make a home sound a lot nicer than it really is; pictures are deceiving!

I experienced an EPIC FAIL moment with one home.  Our stager calls the first thing you see when you open the front door, the "Money Shot."  Take a look at this one!

Yes you are seeing it correctly, that is a Little Tikes slide inside the formal living and dining room!  As if that isn't bad enough, the home reaked of something that was in this crockpot!


An office divided!

If you live in North Carolina you know that tomorrow is a really big day!  I mean HUGE!  UNC and Duke are battling for the first time this season.  If you aren't from NC you still probably know that it is a HUGE game.  I mean ESPN has been talking about it for a week! 

While NCSU fans like to think of UNC as their rival, their is no bigger a rivalry than UNC and Duke.  I love rivalries because no matter the record, you always bring your A game when you are playing your rival.  At the office we are kind of divided.  We have a lot of Duke fans and we have a lot of UNC fans [or maybe just me].  Either way, there has been a lot of joking around and tomorrow is set to be filled with trash talk.  Trash talking that is innocent and jovial.  I love the banter that comes with this rivalry. 

And Thursday sure is going to be a very interesting day.  Hopefully I will be the one smiling and holding my head high in pride!

Here's to a great game and lots of trash-talking with my Go Family!


10 Things I Love about Life...

In honor of February being the month of LOVE, I have decided to blog about things that I love.

1. My Family, they are just so amazing!

2. My Friends, they are simply the best!

3. Rumor Belle, no I am not a crazy cat lady Jenn Cole!

4. Go Realty and all that it believes in.

5. My Boss because he is so laid back and supportive.

Now to the more fun ones...

6. Sports. Go Heels!

7. Starbucks coffee.

8. A good pair of large sunglasses.

9. A bright, colorful scarf.

10. Trashy Reality TV.


I'm coming Wayne!!!!

Funny story, when Special Agent Lisa was getting the Go90X booklets made at Staples the lady said "Well at least your staff members will be healthy."  That made me giggle a little.  Lisa replied "Its Go90X not P90X.  They are going to be stressed out and unheathy when its done."  We all are going to look like a HOT mess!

I say this because it starts today!!!!  And I am nervous and excited at the same time.  All I can say is HOLY BATMAN?!?!  Go90X plus my regular work...I am going to have NO hair at the end of Feburary [lol]. But on the bright side, we will have CAPPED and we get a trip to VEGAS baaaaaaby!  Wayne Newton...I'm coming so, polish up that gold plated furniture!!!!!

On a more serious note, we are already rockin' and rollin'.  I am amazed everytime that I look at my "Run Down" list at the clients and prospects that we have.  I mean anyone who says the market is still dead, hasn't seen the pendings at Go Realty.  YAY for us! 

Here's to Vegas and capping in April!!!!