The Best Gift Giver

So I am always speaking highly of my boss.  I mean the man is just awesome.  I received an iPad from him last week.  I am visiting Wayne Newton in July, compliments of him.  And today, I received this...

Isn't he the sweetest?!?!  You never know when you will need a shiny paperclip!  Thanks Boss!


I couldn't resist another bite...

So I wrote a post a while ago about taking a bite out of apple.  It was all about my newest toy, at the time, my iPhone.  Well today another bite was taken out of apple with my new iPad 3!!  I am so excited about my new gadget that I don't want to touch it in fear of breaking it.  I am seriously going to be UNSTOPPABLE with this new gadget, watch out world!!!

While I am very excited, I am also very grateful.  I have said it time and time again, I have the best boss on Earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc.  He really knows how to appreciate hard work and is just so awesome.  I have never been in a situation where I feel that every minute is appreciated and acknowledged.  I am one lucky duck!


Let the madness begin...

Anyone who knows me probably thought this post was going to be about the NCAA Tournament that starts tomorrow [which I am very excited about].  But it's not!  The March Madness I am speaking of has everything to do with Schabot Residential. 

The month of March has been SO crazy for us.  We have 5 closings scheduled.  Yes, I said FIVE!  We also have sold 3 homes in the past week.  The average days on the market for these three homes...FOUR DAYS!  That is bananas folks!!! We put them on and before we can get the sign rider out there, it is under contract.

A lot can be said about this.  One, the market is definitely on its way up, no denying it.  Two, homeowners that take what Bobbie says to heart, get rewarded [BIG TIME].  Three, Zach is working really hard for his clients.

We are well on our way to capping in April.  It seemed a little obnoxious of a goal in January but it is really going to happen!  But above this, it is so rewarding to see the smiles on the homeowner's faces when we put that SOLD sign out.  Nothing better!

Here's to more smiles!


March Madness Anyone?!

All sports fans know that the best MONTH of basketball is here!  Usually I would spend my lunch at home watching games and the rest of the work day glued to my computer keeping up with my bracket.  Luckily I don't have to anymore.  Want to know why?  Because at Go Realty, March Madness is going to be displayed on our 70 inch iPad!!  Don't believe me just take a look at our sign or come in and watch it with us! I am one happy girl...I don't have to waste my sick days!

Also, stay tuned for my Final Four picks.  UNC is a sure thing! GO HEELS!