No time for mistakes!

So we got an offer on one of our listings on Wednesday and they wanted to close this upcoming MONDAY!  FIVE DAYS!!!  Anyone in real estate knows that is extremely fast, almost impossible.  Anyone not in real estate, to help you understand, normally once an offer is accepted, they close in 30 days.  So closing in 5 days as opposed to 30 is FAST. 

The offer was all cash and no inspections.  For buyers this is very risky.  Eventhough it visually looks fine, you have no idea about the foundation.  You should always have inspections.  As a seller this is like hitting the jackpot.  No repairs to be made, no closing cost being paid, and no bank involvement.  WINNING!  WINNING!

Peep the property that I am talking about, its super cute!

Go Reality Show

So if you haven't already, you need to go sign up for the Go Reality Show.  It is really simple and quick!  Go to  and SUBSCRIBE!!!!  This is a very fun exciting project for us here at GO.  I would love for you to join in on the fun and follow along.  Here's to an exciting next 2 months!!!!


** Go Reality Show **

The Go Reality Show is in full effect! I was up and at it bright and early this morning helping with the filming. I proudly represented the "Props Department" with Kendall!!! We had scooters, bikes, roller skates, skateboards, and big wheels. I rode that Big Wheel around the office out of my excitement!!

Today we filmed the introduction to the show.  It was inspired by the FRIENDS introduction.  You know all of the friends coming together at the fountain.  We decided to break a few rules, hence the skate board, bike, etc. 

I have gone from camp counselor, to props department, to now VP of vote tallying. 

I can't wait for all of the fun that is in store. 

"Angel Confessions"

So this is the conversation that I had with my mom last night:

ME: Mom have you been reading my blog?

MOM: Is it something that I am supposed to be read more than once?

ME: YES! Mom didn't you subscribe?

MOM: No...

ME:  Mom I walked you through the steps the day I started. 

MOM: I don't know what you are talking about.

ME: Mom do you get emails from "Angel Confessions?"

MOM:  Yeah, the lesbian spam mail right??

ME: MOOOMM!!!  Thats my blog!

[Both laugh hysterically]

MOM: Sorry, I thought it was lesbian spam mail!!!



Is It Friday Yet?

As I am getting ready for work this morning, I get an email from the buyer's agent that had our home on Heidinger under contract.  And as I open it I see the dreaded words "I hate to inform you of this...."  My morning went from 8 to 0.  He goes on to say that the buyers were terminating because they still hadn't received the property disclosure.  What starts flashing in my mind??  The email that I got at 4:57pm on Friday when I was at another property putting the lockbox out.  I ran to my computer to see if I forwarded the email because I told myself to do it when I left the property.  Did I forward it....NOPE!  BIG FAT, NOPE!!!  Now, my day had gone from 0 to -100, real fast. 

Basically the deal is dead because I forgot to forward an email!  Could I feel more like poop?!?!?  Ugh! I began to apologize profusely to Zach.  I felt like crying but I couldn't because I was running so late!  All I could hear is Evelyn from Basketball Wives saying "Get It Together Boo Boo!  Get It Together!"  I start running around my apartment trying to get ready as fast as I can [of course "I have nothing to wear"].  In the process, I forget to turn the coffee maker on.  Really???  I couldn't pass on coffee, it was a necessity for the rest of this day!  Finally, I'm walking out the door at 8:56am.  Yes, I am supposed to be at work at 9.  I start thinking, how can one simple email throw my entire morning off this badly.  Normally I am at work by 8:50. 

For the first and only time you will probably ever hear me say this, "Thank God For Traffic!!"  There was a wreck on 40 so I didn't feel as bad about being late.  :)  I start working and anxiously awaiting Zach.  I felt like a child waiting for his parents to come home to see his horrible report card.  The look of disappointment is the worst!!  Zach enters on the phone...more waiting.  I intently listen to hear him say "bye" so I can walk in with my tail between my legs.  "I feel like poo poo, I am so sorry."  He smirks and proceeds to tell me that he doesn't think that me not forwarding the email is the real reason.  Wheewww.  We talked about how to avoid this in the furture and went on with the rest of our days.  After such a horrible morning, the day turned out to be not so bad.


WHOA let the chaos begin!

So we have SOOO much going on right now.  We have 4, count'em FOUR, deals so far closing in August.  3 are homes we have listed and 1 is buyers Zach has been working with.  We are on a roll!!  August is going to be a hard month to top, if all things go well.  BUT we are going to positive that everything is going to go smoothly and close like it should. 

How did all of this happen you ask?  Magic!  Just Kidding, we have been working our butts off.  From sending listing widgets, sending listing announcements, reverse prospecting, printing flyers, etc.  We have been doing everything we possibly can to get people to the properties.  Getting them there is the first step and hardest step, I think.  You have to make your property stand out.  Then we let the beautiful homes sell themselves.  Thats the good thing, right now we have 13 amazing listings.  They are all homes that I would live in.  They are immaculate on the inside and they all are in great neighborhoods. Peep some of them, the links are below.'


224 Harbor Haven Drive

Check out our new listing.  Its stinking cute!!!  And yet again, I did the entire blog!!  I am awesome, I know! Totally kidding [but not really].  Peep the website:

I hope you enjoy!  Have a fabulous and cool weekend!

Be Nice, At All Cost.

So I'm not good with the whole confrontation thing.  I always start laughing because I have a nervous laugh.  Plus I don't do well with people going to any length to prove a point or be "right."  So we had a sign removed that shouldn't have been.  Apparently this is an on going thing with this sign company.  I have had a dealing with this lady once and it wasn't great because she is one of those that loves to be "right" at all cost.  So imagine my enthusiasm of having to call her today about a sign that was removed "in error."  Well to be honest I emailed first because I hate calling people.  At the end of her email she asked me to call her...DAMN IT!!!  I just couldn't get around it.  I procrastinated a little bit and then I had no other choice but to call her because the sign had to be put back ASAP. 

"Hey ***** it's Candace from Go Realty..."  To save you from the annoying conversation I will just tell you that the end result is the sign is being re-installed free of charge!  And "Miss Right" wasn't wrong, "the software" was wrong!  Moral of the story: being right at all cost, its not a good thing.  Why?  Because sometimes its cost you Customer Service Points.  Without Customers, you have no business.  Without a business, you have no money!  Without money, you have no food!  Shall I continue. BE NICE, at all cost.


It's Camp Time

So I have been chosen to be a "Camp Counselor" for the Go Reality Show!  YEAH, I am so excited about this!!!

If you haven't already, go subscribe to the Go Reality Show!  You can be up to date on all of the action as it happens.  I will be sure to update you as well and most definitely will be posting pictures!  See below a shot of Jim and Zach filming with their high-tech equipment i.e. a card box and coffee from Starbucks.

Did I mention that you should subscribe to Go Reality Show???  DO IT!!

Checking In...

I bet you are wondering how the week is going since "Fabulous Monday??"  It has continued to be fabulous [minus an encounter with a not so nice person...more later]!  After some negotiations from the offer on Monday, our listing is now under contract!!  Guess which house it is???  The one that I developed the blog on my own [228 Heidinger]!!!!  It was on the market for 5 days!  Yes, thats right FIVE days!  I told myself that my blog was the reason!  Ha Ha 

Now about this mean person!  I was scolded for rescheduling a photography appointment.  I understand that depending on how much in advance that I reschedule they may lose time.  BUT the photographer needs to understand that I'm the in between.  I really hate being scolded!

Despite his need to be "right" I am having a great week!!!


Its Just Another Fabulous Monday!

Most people hate Mondays and I must admit, I don't LOVE them.  But I was glad to get back to work today.  Last week was so good.  We got two homes under contract - YAY!!!!  How will this week measure up to that?  I think it will fair pretty well seeing how we got another offer today on another listing!  I mean it really couldn't have started off any better right?  Well...I would be one happy girl if someone gave me a million dollars cash money! :)  Here's to a week of making our Sellers, HAPPY SELLERS!


The Calm Before The Storm....

For a few weeks now, I knew that Zach and Jim were up to something.  They have been throwing around all of these crazy names including but not limited to: Go Ogle, Go Trainwreck, Go Dango, Go Big, and Go Fu.  I have been so anxious to find out what was going on.  I mean lets face it, with Zach and Jim together there is no telling.  The two of them are true models of going big and thinking outside the box. 

So yesterday afternoon Zach was packing up to leave and said he needed to see me for 5 minutes.  My brain started going in 50 million different directions.  "Oh Gosh what did I do?"  "Am I in trouble?"  He pulled me into one of the two offices in Go Cary.  I was so worried that I had done something wrong.  He proceeds to tell me a "sneak peek" of this crazy idea.  Wheewww.  I was relieved that I wasn't in trouble.  He just let me know that the next couple of weeks were going to be chaotic and he would be relying on me a lot.  I told him to BRING IT ON!!!  Its so funny because I actually left feeling really cool because I was now on the inside! Ha Ha Ha [devilish laugh].  More on this BIG project to come.


Month 1

Most of my post thus far have been about real estate but not necessary about my experience as an Angel.  So this post is going to be dedicated to just that my first month as Zach's Guardian Angel.

First of all, man have I learned a lot!  From entering listings, creating blogs, creating listing widgets, reverse prospecting, shall I continue???  I think you get the point.  I like to think of myself as a quick learner but I must give credit where it is due.  Zach has been a great teacher.  He knows how to dummy things down so that anyone would understand it and get it!  Not that I am a dummy! :)

Secondly, I have met some of the most amazing people working at Go!  The culture here is unlike any other.  The people are so nice and so supportive.  I can't imagine ever working somewhere that doesn't have the same culture.  Its MAGICAL!  Its MEMORABLE!  Its worth $5!  Don't understand, peep our site and you will:

At this point I am sure that you are saying "Its not all roses and butterflies, Candace.  Lets here some reality!"  The reality is that it is rainbows and bunnies!!  I have had to come out of my shell a little and do things that I'm not used to.  I have had to write a blog.  I have had to create listing widgets.  I have had to send listing announcements.  All of these things are things that I am not comfortable with.  Sending stuff to people that I don't know, 5000+ to be exact!  What are they going to say about my writing skills?  Do my pronouns and nouns match??  And lets not metion my directional issues.  I have discovered after 7 years of living in the Triangle, I still don't know my way around.  Needless to say I have spent numerous days in my car in this North Carolina heat!  I guess its time for a GPS!

To sum it up real quick for you, I am one happy girl.  I have no complaints!  Well, I wish mother nature would stop with the heat already! :)

What is Social Media Good For?

So as promised, below I have outlined what the article in Realtor Magazine says are the advantages of Social Media.  I have used the most common/known.

"It is good for getting blanket messages out to your network.  Staying up-to-date on what your sphere of influence is saying, reading, watching, and doing.  Creating fan pages for your business that people beyond your sphere can join."

"Sending real-time updates to your sphere of influence.  Serving links to articles and items of interest.  Following leading news outlets and idustry thinkers."

"Promoting your professional qualifications and accomplishments.  Joining groups to share knowledge and build referral networks.  Asking other members for business."

If you find yourself asking: What is Facebook? What is Twitter?  What is Linkedin?  Go find out! 

Sex and The City: The Raleigh Addition

So I have created a property blog before BUT I have never actually written the posts on the blog.  I didn't think I was a good enough writer for that.  My bossman told me otherwise yesterday.  I was so proud and so happy that he liked it.  I can't describe how I felt yesterday.  I have never really felt it, you know, a boss appreciating your work?  Now that I know the feeling, there is nothing like it!!!  I am pretty sure I was blushing yesterday! 

People, you better watch out, I am the next Carrie Bradshaw.  Am I stretching it too far??  I mean they say Dream Big or Go Home.  So, here's to Dreaming Big!  CHEERS!


Peep The Blog:


Social Media + Real Estate = $Networking$

So while I was waiting for TEMPO class to start today I picked up a piece of paper that talked about social media.  Its all the rage these days right?  Not so much for a lot of real estate agents.  Below I have given a few excerpts from this article that I found compelling.

"Perhaps the most remarkable thing about online networking is the wide range of reactions it stirs up.  Some real estate professionals swear by it.  Others say it's a diversion at best - and an utter waster of time at worst."  I would have to say that I completely DISAGREE with those that think it is a waste of time.  If you talk to any agent at Go Realty they will make you a believer in Social Media from their success stories.  They have gotten listing appointments, buyers, referrals, etc. 

"Somewhere between these extremes is the reality of how the social web is changing the profession.  While it might not be a good fit for everyone, millions of people are using it to communicate and its popularity shows no signs of fading."  I AGREE.  Social Media isn't going anywhere.  Just last week, GOOGLE+ was launched as yet another social media site.   So together lets count: Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Blogger, shall we continue???  The truth is in the pudding!  Its time to adapt to the changing times as hard as it may seem.  Trust, it will expand your business!

So you ask, how do I use them?  How do I use them effectively for my business?  Stay tuned for more!

***Excerpts are from an article in Realtor Magazine, Septemeber 2009.


A picture is worth a MILLION words!

So today I met the photographer at one of our new listings!  First of all let me just say, that man works FAST!  We were in and out in NO time!  While I had seen his work before and thought it was great, I questioned how good these pictures were going to be because he was so darn fast!  Note to self: Never question or doubt Kyle!  We got the pictures back this afternoon and they looked AMAZING!  I mean AMMMMAZING!  The house looks so great!  Once I get the website up I will definitely post it for you so you can peep Kyle's great work! 

And I must give mad props to our brilliant stagger, Bobbie!  Her vision for this house was magical!!


Great Article

I ran across this article when reading Yahoo Real Estate and thought I would share it with you guys.  Check it out!


When the boss is away....

So my bossman has been out of the office since Friday.  Most people would love this because they can goof off and "play."  No playing here.  Eventhough I have done everything on my To Do List, I am making projects for myself that will help us in the long run. 

One project that I started and completed was making a list of all of our listings and their expiration dates.  I then put all of the expiration dates on our Client Activity calendar.  This way, I can see when it expires but also have a reminder a week or two in advance to start getting the re-listing process started.  No one wants expired listings in MLS!  ORGANIZATION!  ORGANIZATION!  ORGANIZATION!

Another project that I have started is researching cookie/cupcake companies that offer delivery.  One thing that is key in building and expanding your business is a good reputation not only with clients but also other agents.  Zach and I want to start sending Thank You gifts to agents that sell our listings.  "Just a little something to say Thank You for your hard work."  This is a not so easy project because everyone's sweet treats look amazing!!!  Anyone know of a company that I can use??

I am also taking this time to perfect my blog.  The purpose of a blog, I think, is to be informational to a targeted audience.  So the question is, "Who is my target audience?"  When asked this by an agent, my reply was EVERYONE.  I want everyone to read my blog and laugh at/enjoy my experiences.